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The BEST Shopify IDE out there, seriously.

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Enhanced coding experience

Vega Editor is powered by Microsoft's Visual Studio Code engine.

Rather than being a simple keywords highlighter, Vega Editor is a powerful, Shopify-liquid IDE with many — and much needed — features.

Visual Studio Code Icon

Showcase of Vega Editor's intelligent code completion feature

Intelligent code completion

Get suggestions on global objects' attributes, sections' settings, defined variables, common snippets, and more.

No more switching tabs looking for documentation while coding, get everything you need while you type, and boost your productivity.

Track your changes

Get a clear view of what files were modified and which were created during your current coding session.

Showcase of Vega Editor's change tracking

Showcase of Vega Editor's diff editor

Diff viewer

Compare, side-by-side, changes made to your files during your current coding session.

Native JS & (S)CSS intelligent code completion

JavaScript and S(CSS) Intelllisense, and in-IDE documentation powered by Microsoft's Visual Studio Code.

Showcase of Vega Editor's JS & S(CSS) support

Showcase of Vega Editor's code auditing

Automated code auditing

Get real-time suggestions when introducing non-recommended patterns with our proprietary code auditing engine.

And so much more...

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